In the village of Bat Trang, Vietnam, people have made ceramics from the river’s special clay for more than a thousand years. Most of their pottery is made in molds that have been passed down through the family. Items are shaped on the wheel and all are painted by hand. Craft Link, a nonprofit organization, works with Vietnamese artisans in Bat Trang to generate income, with a focus on ethnic minorities, street children and artisans with disabilities. Craft Link also markets products from traditional Vietnamese handicraft villages. Craft Link helps artisan groups design new products, develop marketing opportunities, sells artisans’ handicrafts locally, and exports their handicrafts to fair trade organizations and commercial companies around the world.

The organization’s goals include cultural preservation, public education on traditional handicraft, income generation for small-scale Vietnamese artisans and acquiring new markets. Artisans working with Craft Link receive tools, interest-free loans, education, training and literacy classes.

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