Krochet Kids International


Krochet Kids International empowerment project just outside Lima, Peru is currently working to help lift 38 women and their families out of poverty using crochet skills. It starts by providing a job and coupled with a steady income, education and one-on-one local mentorship in order to create a holistic approach to development. With the skills and knowledge gained through the program, vulnerable Peruvians are provided with a path toward independence, and free from poverty.

Their mission isn't to find existing artisans or artisan groups, but instead to identify the most vulnerable women in the communities we serve. Often times this means they don't have marketable skills of high levels of education.

They identify, train, and put these women to work so they can realize their present and future potential. They are able to care for their familes and send their children to higher levels of education. Generations are impacted through the employment of their mothers and care-givers.


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