What's a Furoshiki? (plus, how it can up your zero-waste game)

Today's post is in partnership with American Nomad, one of my "top 5" favorite ethical shops! A huge thank you to American Nomad for supporting the work of Life+Style+Justice, and for all they do to make the world a more fair and ethical place! 



As I've become more and more invested in my minimalist lifestyle, I've found myself gravitating toward multi-purpose items. Having one item that can perform multiple functions makes my life easier and helps me to cut down on unnessecary clutter in my home! 

I'd been eyeing various fabric wraps to add to my aspiring zero-waste kitchen, when I discovered the ethically made furoshikis sold by American Nomad. While most fabric wraps are meant to carry bread or veggies, the humble furoshiki goes beyond and can serve as a garment, headwear, and more!  

It's perfect for traveling- not only can you roll it up as a pillow or use it to cover up on a cold plane, you can turn it into a purse or bag to carry any items you might pick up that won't fit into the luggage you've brought. 

Each furoshiki comes with a short leather strap. When folded and knotted just so, it transforms into an over-the-shoulder, hobo style bag. It can also be folded and knotted to form a hand-carry bag or even in a backpack style! 

American Nomad's furoshikis are handmade in Japan by a family owned business and feature a wide array of beautiful designs and traditional prints. I chose the angles furoshiki (I have a deep love for black and white graphic prints), but theteal folded paper style was my second favorite. 

Your furoshiki can also be used to wrap presents, carry a wine bottle, wrap up a fresh, packaging-free loaf of bread... really, it can do anything! I'm keeping mine folded up tiny in the corner of my purse or backpack in case I need a last-minute zero-waste bag/wrap while I'm out and about!