Never Doubt Change

One of my favorite businesses to follow on Instagram is CONSCIOUS MAGAZINE. They feature topics about social entrepreneurship, community development, innovation, local to global issues and initiatives, and conscious culture. Each day they post a quote and Margaret Mead’s in particular inspired me to compile a list of some of the other stores that share a similar mission and vision as AMERICAN NOMAD. They each specialize in making fair trade items accessible, but also take their businesses a step beyond fair trade and advocate on behalf of social enterprise and mindful shopping. AMERICAN NOMAD is honored to be a part of an industry where compassion and an overall mission to inspire good in our world are at the core of our businesses. We hope you enjoy learning about their shops and take time to visit each store. We whole—heartedly agree with Ms. Mead that together we can inspire lasting change.


Redemption Market is a boutique featuring a variety of fair trade gifts. They choose only the highest quality products, focusing on sustainability and ethical treatment of the designers and artisans. Every purchase makes a difference and is a step toward recovery and rehabilitation.

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that provides people with better choices for a better world. We offer socially conscious and environmentally friendly products as well as life-changing experiences. Me to We measures the bottom line, not by dollars earned, but by the number of lives changed and the positive social and environmental impact made. Half of Me to We’s net profit is donated to Free The Children. The other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise and its social mission.

Ethica is an online retailer where you can learn about ethical fashion, discover emerging designers, and shop a high-style selection of ethical and sustainable labels. Their goal is to connect consumers and companies that share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Through their website, they hope to contextualize shopping within a larger global narrative, highlighting the very real impacts of our collective consumption choices.

TO THE MARKET | Survivor-made Goods (TTM) combines the powers of commerce and storytelling to empower the world’s most courageous survivor populations, in the belief that resilience is more powerful than suffering. TTM showcases handmade goods made exclusively by proud and passionate artisans who have overcome the perils of abuse, conflict, and disease. By assisting local partners around the world in bringing these goods “to the market,” they take an active role in equipping the survivors they employ with economic independence, while raising awareness of the challenges that they face.

Far & Wide Collective is partnering with some of the most talented artisans in post-conflict and emerging countries. While taking shoppers on a journey, they give them access to a rare selection of unique and high-quality fair trade products. They have a passion for discovering the beautifully unique and carefully made things one can only stumble upon in the tucked-away workshops and rural village markets on exotic travels. - See more at: